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Domain name registration tips

Your domain name is important to your business. In fact you might consider it as your identity on the Internet. With so any domain names registered every day it seems too difficult to register the domain name in your mind. So I have put a few tips to help you choose a good domain name that attracts customers and increase your business.

Choose a domain name that matches your business:

The first thing people will try to find you on the Internet is typing your business name. Try to resister the domain name that matches the company name that they know. Try not to use obscure abbreviations unless it's what your clients know you of.
You may face difficulty in finding an available domain name that matches your business name if you have a generic or a common name for your company in this case you might consider the next option

A domain name that reveals what you do is a good one

It will be a good idea if your business name reveals what you do. If it doesn't or in the case that the domain name that matches your company name is taken then you might consider other options. One of these options is registering a domain name that contains your services or products. You might also put your business name as part of the domain.

A short name is not always good

Your domain name should be memorable. A short domain name is only good if it's memorable. If your company has the BCSC initials it will be hard to remember or worse, you can easily misspell the domain name if it was bcsc.com. So don't choose a short name unless it's easy to remember.

A good domain is easy to tell

If you are telling your friend your domain name and you find your self spelling it, then it's not a good one. A good domain should be easy to type and most importantly, easy to say on the phone. That's why it's not preferable o put hyphens in your domain name unless you had to. You might also consider putting hyphens if you are registering multiple domain names.

Avoid domain names that are susceptible to misspelling

Some people have made a good profit from misspelled famous brand names or well know websites buy registering a domain name with misspellings. If you have to register a domain name susceptible to misspelling, you might consider multiple domain name registration. In that case make all the domain names point to the same website to get all the traffic that come through the misspelled domain.

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